The secret to perfectly cleansed skin lies in the combination of oily and aqueous substances.


When I arrived in Paris, my skin was sulking. The pollution, the heat of the subway, the rhythm, obviously different from when I lived in Florida. Especially since for 2 years, our skin has had to face a major enemy: the mask. Namely that our skins then quickly found themselves in overdrive due to excessive perspiration and excess sebum caused by this “greenhouse” effect.

She was weakened, torn. It was obvious to integrate quality cleaning into my treatment protocol.

It is a fund-da-men-tal . Clean skin is skin that can perform its functions properly. It is the first gesture that fights against the effects of time. Trust me.

Moreover, all the treatments that are then applied are much better assimilated by our skin and can really act, because it will be more receptive.

I then found the Rolls of cleaning: the double cleaning. Performing a single pass on your skin is a bit like going to the shower without taking your clothes off.


Why do I start with an oil? Simply, because it captures molecules that love fat: excess sebum, makeup for those who wear it.

So I place two hazelnuts in the palm of my hand which I gently warm. With my fingertips, I massage the skin of my face. These molecules dissolve gently under the massaging effect. Then I rinse. My skin is thoroughly rid of all the "oily" impurities accumulated during my day and leaves a necessary protection, knowing that my skin is dry. In fact, the oil both cleanses and provides the nutrition needed to support the hydrolipidic barrier of our skin.

For city dwellers like me, it's a great way to get rid of pollution particles.

I already hear “my skin is oily or combination, it's not for me” You're wrong. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, fat attracts fat, which is exactly what is ideal. In addition, a well-chosen oil will regulate and balance sebum production. No more doubts, the oil is fantastic. You can start by using so-called “dry” oils if you don't feel quite comfortable with the texture.


I go to the second step. With the skin still damp, we come to apply our gel, milk or cleansing foam, whatever you like. Exit sweat and dust, which are water-loving molecules. This step refines the result and perfects the cleaning that I do only in the evening.

A big detail: I pay attention to the pH of my cleanser. Indeed, if it is too alkaline, it directly attacks the hydrolipidic barrier of our skin. Finally, a cleanser that is too stripping will become the cause of many skin problems: imperfections, tightness, inflammation, discomfort.

At COELHO BEAUTY, the range has been designed with pH close to that of the skin in order to preserve and rebalance its environment.