What happens when you switch to a silicone-free natural shampoo? Let me tell you. 


The restorative action that is sold to you in the conventional is totally fake. The shiny, smooth effect that silicones leave on your hair is just an illusion.

Acting as a film-forming agent, there is nothing natural about shine. And worse, under this plastic film, the hair suffocates. The hair fiber can no longer breathe and deteriorates. But you won't see it, because the silicones act as "caches-miseries". A bit like a foundation or a varnish. This allows you to have a nice complexion or beautiful nails but underneath, your skin and your nails suffocate.

Silicones prevent the active ingredients and nutrients necessary for the good health of the hair from penetrating within the fibres. The hair fiber is saturated . Saturated, because it is no longer capable of receiving, of benefiting from the care that you wish to give it.


By switching to a routine without silicones, the hair transition can seem confusing at first. The silicone present and firmly attached to your hair. As you shampoo, you will have the impression of unruly, tangled hair... No panic! That's not to say natural products don't work.

Mineral oils are also unsuitable for natural routines. These are petroleum-derived paraffins that clog the pores of the scalp and thus prevent sebum from descending along the fiber .

The transition can take time and that's normal.

Your hair fiber is healthier because it is detoxified from the chemical components contained in your industrial shampoos. The occlusive barrier is gradually being eliminated.

Gradually, your hair breathes and becomes able to absorb the good ingredients that you bring to it with judiciously chosen care. After some time, the nature of your hair will be sublimated.

No need to mix hair care with silicones and natural care, since silicones will block the effects of other care that you apply.

Finally, once the transition period is over, you will no longer have to “make up” your hair with silicones. From now on, there is no longer any need to give the illusion of healthy and shiny hair. Your hair regains its original nature, and revives in all beauty!