Our hair and us, it's a bit of a tumultuous love story, one day everything is fine and the next day we no longer understand each other... Let's take this relationship back to basics: let's start by knowing how to wash it properly.


I sell the wick, here are the good things to do during our shampoo:

Attention ! This is not a detergent!
We do not rub the hair abundantly, while turning, as in the drum of a machine!
It is the scalp that must be cleaned by pressing the first phalanx of the ten fingers. We emulsify a knob of shampoo in the palm of the hands to release its precious active ingredients. We then distribute in 1. on the neck in 2. on the temples in 3. at the level of the vertex then in 4. on the top of the head.

Massage in to rid the scalp of dust and substances secreted by the sweat glands.
If the washes are frequent, a single mild shampoo is enough. Leave on for a few minutes so that the active ingredients can lodge optimally.

Finish with a gentle massage, from the neck to the top of the head.
It's excellent for boosting blood circulation and giving yourself a moment of relaxation. Then rinse thoroughly.

On the other hand, if your hair seems really dirty, do a second, lighter shampoo.


I observe that, as a general rule, it is the surplus of product and especially in the same place. Indeed, we tend to put an astronomical amount of shampoo in our hands and spread it in the middle of the head thinking while the hair is washed. But the product is actually not well distributed and sensitizes the same locks. It is better to do a double cleaning with little product rather than one with too much.