La Crème De Soin, a true 4-in-one treatment Cleansing Cream + Treatment Mask + Conditioner + Defining Cream.

Today, I want to talk to you about her curl-defining cream version.


Why did I develop the Care Cream?

Because I needed a product that could do several things. And often, after shampooing, my hair felt too clean, too fuzzy, too flat. Enigmatic, right? What I wanted was a cream that could clean them without foam and define natural movements thanks to hydration, restructuring and, be beautifying, detangling.

An entire program. What is reassuring is what I have seen during my professional years, that many clients complained about the same enigmas concerning their hair. That is, wanting the day two look.

The goal was to create 1 product that fulfills all these roles and fulfills them perfectly.

It took 3 years of development, because the dilemma was to find the right formulation, which would ensure the compatibility of the multiple uses that I wanted to give it.

Then finally, isn't it more fun? We turn and hijack a product as we see fit. The Care Cream is whatever you want for your hair. That was the idea.

If you have curly hair, you know it can be quite difficult to manage. One day they will have an incredible bounce and the next day they act lifeless. Curly hair is usually lacking in moisture and when your strands are dead, all they need is a little moisture to regain their health. You can bring it back to life using oils, masks or serums and when all else fails, a curl defining cream.

Most of you don't invest in a curl defining cream. This is for two reasons: because you don't consider this step important and because there are a very small number of options available.

With Crème De Soin, there are no more excuses.


  1. Apply La Crème de Soin generously in the conditioner version, rinsing unless you have very, very dry and very textured hair, do not rinse.
    This will prevent the hair from flaking once it is dry.
  2. Apply Crème de Soin in Defining Crème version to detangled hair while wet, in small sections from root to tip, then twist! Spray water if hair starts to dry out before you're done.
  3. Air drying is recommended. You can use a diffuser on the low setting if the weather or weather doesn't allow it.
  4. For twist outs, undo the twists and separate them, only after the hair is completely dry.

Depending on your hairstyle desires, the technique is different:

- For the tightest twists with maximum definition, twist hair when wet.
For added fullness and elongation, twist hair when damp.

- Apply product liberally, but use less product when twisting barely damp hair. The wetter the hair, the more you can use La Crème de Soin.

- Twist each section, leaving about 1-2cm untwisted at the ends. Rotate this part around your index finger and carefully slide your finger down and out of the wrap.

- As you twist, arrange the twists in the places and directions you want them to be positioned in your final style. For example, if you want your hairstyle to be straight back, away from your face, showing off your hairline, be sure to twist your sections back and away from your face.

- Remember: The more you manipulate your twists, the more voluminous your hair will be, so part or tousle with your fingers where you want volume or height.

-Don't be afraid of water. She is now your friend! If the tips of a section seem a bit curled, moisten your index finger and wrap the tips around your finger to create a spiral. Watch how your beautiful curls fall back into place. Now let them dry, without touching them when they are wet.

-With twist-out hairstyles, it can sometimes feel like one or two whole sections need attention. Just moisten your fingers, run them along the section with a little La Crème de Soin and redo the twist once dry, untwist it and voila!

- A quick refresh!

Finally, always tie your hair under a satin or silk bonnet when you sleep. This will eliminate the damage caused by abrasion and your hairstyle will stay beautiful longer.

Use after cleansing and conditioning your hair. (Do not towel dry or blot after your final rinse)