According to science, our head would have between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs. This hair grows independently of each other, allowing us to have a homogeneous hair.


We lose on average 50 to 100 hairs per day. Don't panic, 1/ it's completely normal and 2/ they are replaced by new hair on a cyclical basis.

In fact, the hair is born in the hair follicle then will successively enter 3 different phases ranging from growth to fall.

  1. The Anagen phase

This is the hair growth phase. This is the longest period of the cycle since it lasts from 2 to 5 years. The vast majority of hair present on our head is therefore in this anagen phase. Depending on its location, the hair does not have the same growth speed. Its growth is faster on the sum of the skull than on the temples.

  1. The Catagen phase

Our hair enters a resting phase. It ceases its evolution. It lasts about 3 weeks. And it is a phase stimulated by the summer sun, which is why they fall in the off-season.

  1. The Telogen phase

The hair remains attached to the hair follicle. At the end of this phase, the old hair falls out and gives way to a new follicle in the Anagen phase, let's restart again


The speed of the cycle can change under several factors.

When the speed increases, it means that the production of the hair is "expedited". In autumn, the hair tends to fall out, because in the summer the hair grows faster, the cycles are linked more quickly. Indeed, the sun accelerates the rhythm of life of the hair, that is to say of the hair cycle. A cycle lasting 3 months, so we have the repercussions now.

Eventually, the capital of the hair cycles being exhausted, the follicle, prematurely aged, becomes totally unproductive.

Before reaching this extreme, you have to take care of your hair. We are going to stimulate the scalp by brushing your hair morning AND evening. The brush movements massage and stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp. The sebum will be distributed evenly over the lengths in order to provide them with protection and natural nutrition.

We opt for the Micellar Cleanser, softer than a classic shampoo. Without sulfates, without synthetic molecules that tend to unbalance the natural environment of the scalp.

We think of nourishing our hair from the outside, by performing a Serum Oil bath once a week, in order to provide the nutrients necessary for the good health of the scalp.

And from within. By taking food supplements regularly, we strengthen our hair directly internally. In “we want a growth booster” from Atelier Nubio you will find everything you need! Arugula to stimulate the hair bulb, horsetails that strengthen the hair. Spirulina and brewer's yeast, rich in group B vitamins, participate in the synthesis of keratin.

I suggest you take care of your hair and scalp like you would take care of your skin.